Sunday controversial


Well, could be worse.

The athletes in the picture could be under investigation for use of previously undetectable anabolic steroid; the touchdown could have occurred after a blown off sides by a ref with a drinking problem the league has been improperly ignoring; the hockey game could be played during an unseasonably warm day at the Arctic Circle; the two hockey players depicted could be”in a relationship,” and, btw, second cousins; Jesus could be watching the game on his iPhone instead of Android, made in a sweat shop in Arkansas, staffed by illegal immigrants from Patagonia, owned entirely by a foreign subsidiary, and the parts made from the ground up incisors of northern endangered buck-toothed weevils.

We are off to church and then our fourth hockey game/practice of the weekend.  I’m sure Jesus will be watching this as well as Sunday football (American), and the Cubs win tonight.  Though I’m sure, despite being hard to believe from my perspective, there are equally compelling reasons to root for the Mets.  Guess will just have to trust in the hand of providence that everything will work out, regardless of potential outcomes. Thy will be done.

4 Thoughts on “Sunday controversial

  1. Lucy Naphin on October 18, 2015 at 5:09 pm said:

    Another good posting, Leland. Grinning. Btw, ND has built up the stadium seats so high you can’t see Touchdown Jesus anymore. There may be a message in that.

    • Leland on October 18, 2015 at 7:37 pm said:

      Thank you Lucy. Perhaps the height of the nose bleeds in south bend is an effort to bring fans closer to the heavens and not, we hope, sell more tickets.0-;

  2. I think that it is safe to conclude at this point that God is not a fan of the Cubs, as he/she/it is far more interested in perpetually creating moments of sadism for the masochistic fans of this doomed team on the Northside of Chicago. You had once interrupted a game that your brother and I were watching during the summer of 1989 (yet another season that ended in pain & heartache during the playoffs against the Giants) by shouting the word “evil” while pointing to the TV screen. In hindsight, you had a very good point! Given the words used by me in response to your post, my title should be “The Main Point About the Cubs.” Fortunately, my secular Sunday tomorrow will not be wasted by watching either Cubs or the Bears. Take care. Paul Haider, Chicago

    • Leland on October 24, 2015 at 9:46 pm said:

      Paulie – the pain is real. I’m not sure however that anyone would know what to do if the cubs actually won. Might have to schedule a weekly appointment at the dentist office for regularly scheduled root canals…just to feel at home. Good hearing from and take care!

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