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TGMP re-purposed one of my previous posts today. It was essentially about coming to terms with who caused my cancer – namely, me. It’s also, I hope, a cautionary tale for kids thinking that an obsessive/excessive tan (from tanning bed or otherwise) is a good idea.

What I didn’t say but want my boys to know is along the lines of the cliche-ish, ‘Its not how you look but who you are and what you do that’s important.’ Believing otherwise was my problem. God willing I hope I’m around to celebrate the zits on the boys’ faces when that time comes (and I know Sarah will undoubtedly enjoy popping them) while continue sharing these types of messages with them.

View the essay @ The Good Men Project here: “The Only Elephants in This Room are Under My Skin.”

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  1. Paul Haider on July 13, 2016 at 4:52 am said:

    Lee, you should know that I got the reference immediately. It was Fernando (Billy Crystal) who said, “it is better to look good than to feel good.” Fernando’s Hideaway sketch on Saturday Night During the great 1984 to 1985 season was a classic, and it served as a social commentary on the shallow/superficial years of the 1980’s when both celebrities and non-Hollywood Americans alike cared more about their appearance than anything else during the “me, myself, and I” decade. The essay that you wrote was a great account of personality responsibility and accountability. Fernando couldn’t hold a candle to you now!

    • Leland on August 31, 2016 at 2:10 am said:

      Thanks Paulie. Sorry for slow response. One of the first rules of ‘How to create a trillion member following without ever doing a thing’ is that the ‘blogger’ in this case me should be on top of comments (I suppose, related or implied is that one said ‘blogger’ should not fail to login to blog for over a month). Fail. F. thanks for reading and hope you are doing well.

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