Everything is good…wait, um, just kidding

Had my scans last week. They checked my brain @ CU hospital in Denver and the rest of me in Colorado Springs. Good times.

The brain looked great – nothing new in terms of tumors and the previously treated lesions were smaller. We like nothing new. Smaller is better too.

The ‘rest of me’ part was where the results got more interesting.

After waiting for an hour and reminding myself to schedule future appointments in the morning in order to avoid  oncologists-are-progressively-later-by-end-of-day-syndrome, I saw the doctor.

“Yeah the report is very good. No progression. Tumor in lymph node in neck gone. Everything else is smaller.”

I gave him my best Tony the Tiger impression, “GGGGGGRRREEAT,” as the next 3 months of existence rolled around the back of my eyelids- scenes of relief, appreciation for current treatment, a feeling that we can keep doing what we are doing.  A general sense of yes!

Image result for pictures of relaxation

Business as usual or as usual as unusual has become. All made more tolerable with the latest news.

“It says in the radiologist’s report that the lesion in your liver has calcified,” he went on.

I guess he figured I had waited an hour, might as well make this more than a 2 minute visit, earn his keep.

“In other words, that tumor is likely long dead. Shall we look?”

“Sounds good,” I say, “I mean you know I like me some good calcification of tumor in liver photos as much as the next guy.”

“Err, wait a minute. What is this dark spot in liver?”

He continues,“Was that there before?”

“Last I knew you were the expert Doc.”

Okay, I wasn’t that snarky. I was too busy getting tossed around by another series of thoughts flashing by, as he cycled through magnifications, angles and images.

“The long and the short of it” is there’s potentially a new tumor in my liver. We don’t know for sure. Could be an anomaly in CT imaging though Doctor was not overly optimistic.

Scheduling a PET scan which should be more conclusive.

So we wait…for insurance approvals, appointments and results.

Do I have any sage wisdom to impart in the meantime?

Um, no.

Its back to basics, to the unusual usuals, trudging the road to happy destiny:

  1. Faith
  2. Family
  3. Friends
  4. Diet
  5. Exercise
  6. Other?

Will let you know when we know more.