To Hair and Back

Look, a more appropriate title for this post should probably be, “To No Hair and Back,” but that didn’t sound as “cool” … not that anything done or said on this blog necessarily fits neatly onto a Fonzarelli scale of coolness. The very mention of the Fonz should provide a strong indicator of my relative low-to-no-score on the cool assessment index.

Regardless, I thought starting with “hair” made sense since I ended here many months ago without it. The hair has returned since recovering from TIL treatment for metastatic melanoma.

Here I am recently posing for a record 67th GQ shoot. You are looking at the “Sexiest Middle Aged Man with a Bag over his Alive Award” 2018 recipient. So tubular.

Forgive me reader, it has been @ 150 days since my last post. I am pleased to report that I am still hair – I mean – here.


Please don’t hate me for the cheese. I really can’t help it. Blame Israeli remote controlled shark spies, Denver International Aiport, and 98 brain tumors. Two of those reasons can absolutely be implicated in what you see before you.

Speaking of that last bit, I spoke to @ 20 3rd year medical student this week. It was fun. The subject was basically “tell us about your experiences with medical community in the context of your medical history.” I tried to share a lot of the stuff written throughout this blog. It was a fun experience.

It was interesting…I remembered during that recent session one of the other main reasons I started writing here. Its really what drove me back tonight. I talked about how 7 years ago there was no one on the internet talking about how they survived 98 brain tumors. When I started this sight (can’t remember and too lazy to look “x” years ago) I had a few years under my belt and wanted to provide a little hope.

So if you are reading here now, looking for a bit of that hope, I am still here. I had 98 brain tumors along with tumors in my stomach, lungs, liver, neck, head. Still here man! Oh and I got to watch my kids grow another 7 years. I got to do some fun stuff at work. I recently got promoted to Chief Engineer position at my company. Shit did happen but so did I and I am grateful for it. I pray this happens for you too. Know that it can!

Think about this and forget about the statistics- there is probably no fatal disease out there in the history of man that has not had an exception, that somebody has not seemingly inextricably survived, against all odds. The ingrained is embedded in our history and in our future. Tap into it. What stories are you telling yourself today Mr or Mrs Underdog? If you need help coming up with one let me know.

As it turns out, I think hope is important. Maybe as important as any medicine I took or will take in the future. The Alt Medicine get it right. Push aside snake oil peddlers and whack jobs on the internet (yours truly included) one of the tenets of Alt Med is story telling. Almost invariably every web site “out here” that sells something non-mainstream comes with testimonials. If you research things like a epigenetics our thoughts may actually influence gene expression in turn impacting our health. People know and have known this for a long time – e.g. “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” We don’t need a triple blind study or heavy scientific explanation to know or not know this…its available to us intuitively IMO. You can believe something even for the wrong reasons or with the wrong scientific explanation and it may still have a medical impact. There is nothing wrong with this! Anyways, that’s the kind of stuff we talked about…

You may also be happy to know that I feel good, believe I am doing well, and seem to be in relatively good health all things considered. We had scans last December and things were generally good. I am still not yet NED, operative word…one day at a time. I start a clinical trial this week involving some monoclonal anti-bodies. Going to be a party!

PS. Posted a show from DB new year’s run below. Glad to still have brain and ears to enjoy music of my favorite band.

Few will share such sentiments here. As Jerry Garcia was famous for saying, “We’re like licorice. Not everybody likes licorice, but the people who like licorice really like licorice.”

I love me some licorice.

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