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The Mushroom Men of Knarf were silently advancing on the unsuspecting earthlings, and their thin milky blood ran colder when they smelled spores from fungal toenail infections rising from many of the invaders’ feet, for to them it was a wondrous and shocking scent of kinship, homeland, and asexual reproduction.

Thank you, you hero David Nelson, you deserved higher than #9 on ’33 Of The Most Hilariously Terrible First Sentences In Literature History’

And you Dennis Barry who 24th place seems now like tragedy unfolded.

Despite the vast differences in their ages, ethnicity, and religious upbringing, the sexual chemistry between Roberto and Heather was the most amazing he had ever experienced; and for the entirety of the Labor Day weekend they had sex like monkeys on espresso, not those monkeys in the zoo that fling their feces at you, but more like the monkeys in the wild that have those giant red butts, and access to an espresso machine.

Wasn’t sure really what to say tonight. Have been writing a lot, mostly in early morning. A novel. I wonder if I am making the above list someday. One can only hope.

I had scans last week and will get results this week. Participating in a clinical trial. Feel great for the most part. Work is good. Love those boys and their Mom. Happy Father’s Day.

Other than that, feeling rather, I don’t know. Is TBD a thing for things other than text and email messages? Probably has something to do with upcoming radiology readings but I am feeling very “TBD.” Its not that I don’t believe I can be healed today by whatever means. I think I am just open to possibilities.

In the absence of my own inspiration, I figured I would share some other people’s. These are things I have found inspiring over the last few months.

Blinkist – in my words these are “Cliff Notes for Adults” and the results are powerful. Enabled “reading” @ 120 books in the last 3 months. Some of my favorites – The 5am Club, The Telemore Effect, Difficult Conversations, The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs, Fear, Collaborative Intelligence…lots of titles to name drop here, lots of amazing thinking. If you like ideas and like skipping to the point (or, um, “speed reading” books), you might like blinkist. In one of those speed reads the author said to try to get 1% better everyday. That’s statistically impossible but the point and results could be profound. Who can’t make a 1% change or improvement today?

How to Starve Cancer by Jane McLelland. Not only does she have an killer last name, but the book is fascinating. McLelland survived 2 terminal cancers using cocktails of repurposed, off-label medications for conditions like Diabetes, High Cholesterol and Blood Pressure. Her thesis is that we should target the genetic AND (more importantly) metabolic pathways by which those mutant freaks fuel, build and maintain themselves. Her results were self evident and potentially revolutionary.

Related to what goes in, and I kind of regret bringing this up, but more damning evidence for bunt cakes and root beers, Sugar Sweetened Beverage Consumption and Risk of Dying: the numbers are bad. I am now 7 years without processed sugar or meat. Not sure if I should cry or sing or cry-sing. I give you quote from the sage Dr. Schor,

“Drinking sugar sweetened beverages with any regularity increased a person’s risk of dying perhaps more than even we might have guessed.  Women who consumed ≥2 servings of SSBs per day had a 63% higher risk of death. For men, risk of death increased by 29%.  For men and women combined, HR was increased by 52%.”

There was also a pretty interesting paper released in early April regarding probiotics or the good bacteria said to bolster immunity and prevent illness. Researches have ‘understood’ or at least established a relationship between the microbiome and positive responses to checkpoint inhibitors (immune therapies used for cancer). This research suggests a high fiber diet, promoting greater biodiversity is best; and, surprisingly, taking over the counter probiotics can actually have a negative impact on efficacy (how well it works). Wild man. Definitely something to consider for my mela-homies on immune therapies, Diet and Probiotics Influence Response to Immunotherapy. If you want suggestions on how to get good probiotics without pills let me know.

Finally, I had not realized that Christianity had its own tradition of meditation, not too far removed from what sounds at times decidedly like eastern sounding practices (but buried by 2,000 years of history and a division of church ideologies that long ago). Haven’t read stuff like this since I was using Merton to impress girls at keg parties back in the day. I like it. Hesychasm.

Anyways, the little I know is only a little and that is not very much.

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