From what

25 something years ago when I was 20 something years old I was in Albuquerque visiting friends.

Lacing my running shoes, I announced, “I’m gonna go for a run.”

Without pause somebody said, “from what?”


I have been jogging a long time. Rain, sleet, heat, wind, snow, sub-zero, I’m good. This last stint during the butt-first slide down the razor blade was the longest break from running in 30 years.

Of-course there are studies, articles, talk and opinions etc “out here” extolling the benefits of exercise galore. I think most can agree exercise is probably a good thing. Good for brain, helps with mood/anti-a-hole and stress medicine (my case), sleeping, heart, weight, blood, intestinal health and pooping (I don’t know if they say that but you know I had to throw that in there), and on.

I recently saw this article from Discovery, which I thought was veddy veddy interesting; namely that doctors will prescribe exercise in the future because, according to their studies, it has been proven more effective than many drugs for many conditions.

The goal is to think of exercise as a medicine — a therapy that they can prescribe in specific doses for specific needs.

My recent experience in fact suggests that it can serve as a kind of anti-medicine. After a week home from the hospital, deciding to go for a run – however pathetic and slow and as much as I did not want to do it- was really the catalyst that got me off pain meds and the cabinet full of nausea, constipation, and other “pharmacopia.”

It’s a bonus that queen Elsa also approves…

Now, that is not to say I stopped everything. The steroids and remicaid were instrumental in countering the immune system assault on my insides. My doctor recently asked, in fact, if he could publish a study about my case (there is only 1 other reported case like mine in the community).

Queue the comments, “Yeah Leland we always knew you were a special case…”

That said exercise really did make a difference. I don’t need a million person double blind placebo control study published on NCBI to convince me of it. As Discovery suggests- exercise, in my experience, was/is medicine.

May be all this talk of exercise is a slightly sleight-of-hand-way to say that since my last post I believe I am doing better. I’ll forgo the humble bragging here and the cataloging of how, other than – well, um, yeah about that, err – stage IV cancer, life/wife/family/friends/job/faith/dog/cats/teeth/toes/nose hairs etc are like Plato’s perfect forms, what that be-atch perfection can only dream about man!

But I do feel good. I am grateful and at peace – at least I like to imagine- more times than not. I also had a birthday, on Christmas Day which apparently is the least popular day to have a birthday in the US. The author attempts to serve some noble topspin on the whole LPBZ (least popular birthday zone) situation, concluding his article with the statement that those so blessed should…

… take some comfort in knowing the relative rarity of your birth makes you even more special than you already are.

I know. Start grating the formaggio.


It’s been a great year.

God-willing there are more in the plan.

Thanks for reading and Happy N-Y.