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Five years ago I was tearing up the internet searching for information about melanoma.  It was @ Thanksgiving of 2012 and we’d just gotten another hard shut to the guts.  The cancer that began on my scalp had crept below the surface to the lymph nodes, liver, stomach and lungs and now into my brain.  At the time we were looking at 43 lesions in the brain; that number would later more than double.  My doctor cried when he gave me the news.

What he didn’t say was, “You have six weeks to six months to live.” He didn’t have to, I already knew the stats and they were not good.  That’s why I cried too. I mean I had an internet connection and half a cranium (though my wife might argue the latter point 0-;). I knew what this would, in all likelihood, mean for me and my family- certain death.

That experience with melanoma and cancer care in the context of this vast, information rich (and poor) world wide web is why I decided to share my story on 98braintumors.com.  While I’ll be sharing my ongoing experiences, thoughts, mania/hysteria etc for friends and family, more than anything I want you to know if you are ‘out here’ scouring for yourself or someone else, that I’m still here five plus years later.  My wish is that might provide you with a hope where there might seem none.

Albrecht Dürer, famous German artist. 1508- “Betende Hände”

Albrecht Dürer, famous German artist. 1508- “Betende Hände”

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