Happy Birthday Mom!

Mom –

You gave up and put up with a lot to raise your children.  Thank you for being the staunchest supporter from day 1, for your constant encouragement, sacrifices and smiles.You are a model of perseverance, good humor, and faith.Thanks for everything and Happy Birthday!

cathy fay

Love you forever,


PS. Its one of the mysteries of the universe that somehow I find myself 44 and yet you remain to this day, 35.  Alas, sometimes, ours is not ask why.

PSS.  If you are reading this Happy B-D message to my Mom and are in need of the best, most experienced and nicest Real Estate agent in Chicago please contact this lady, Cathy Gibson Fay, at Baird and Warner,  Cathy @ B & W, 312.617.6207.

PSSS.  If you are an eligible bachelor in the Chicago area and at least 35 (younger would be too scandalous) let me tell you how this is gonna work Worm: after you sign the waiver and agree to participate in a series of background checks, blood and hair samples, and rigorous sessions involving a dark room, single bright light bulb, and pack of cigarettes you may possibly be allowed to go on a date with my Mom, if approved and not completely broken by the interview process (we will reassess this with further psychiatric interviews and testing).  After which I really don’t want details. Unless there are issues.  Then you may expect a prompt visit by a baseball bat or large caliber bullet upside yo head, or both, in that order.

PSSSS.  Mom, one of your grandson’s prepared this startlingly realistic picture of your middle child (me), his Father, for your birthday.  Apparently I’m a ‘Weird Dad, Poop Dad, Fat Dad and Chubby Dad.’  Gosh durnit that kid Derek is not only a savant artist but as observant and astute as a whip!  He even got my super sharp teeth right.  XOXO

derek picture