Tanning bed restrictions

There’s a movement afoot at the American Academy of Dermatologists to petition the FDA for greater restrictions on sunlamps and tanning beds, especially for minors. I’m not a huge fan of extra legislation and believe ultimately that our problems are of our own making. Supporting a ban on x, or y or z seems to be more a matter of personal opinion and blurry reasoning at times- politicized, polarized and pulverized to the point where distinguishing real from fantasy, true or false, good and bad is nearly impossible.

If I were in charge of EVERYTHING, besides everything being really-really f-d, I would correct the causes and conditions to things we often ban in the first place (e.g. fix the low self-esteem rather than prohibit x, y, or z). But, okay, stepping off the soapbox and back to reality, that’s not the world we live in presently.

It is my opinion and experience, that tanning beds are dangerous. I mean a history of blistery sunburns followed by melanoma diagnosis, four surgeries, 60+ infusions, a trillion tests and doctors visits, 2 clinical trials, radiation, 10 gamma knife surgeries, 98 brain tumors, lung tumors, stomach tumors, liver tumors, excessive sweating, offensive body odors, and a bad sense of humor (okay those three may possibly have been pre-existing conditions)…that’l learn ya. And there is also this army of data suggesting that climbing inside a tanning bed a couple times a week is worse than making an addiction out of piles of smoking, Camel filter-less cigarettes.

So I think we should at least put some roadblocks in the trajectory of that 16 year kid who is too immature to make good decisions about his or her future and safety. If they want to circumvent or step around around barriers we put in place, if they think they can beat the odds or that the data is bunch of BS, that will ultimately be their choice. The initiative promises to make it harder for “smart guys or girls” to make stupid, potentially life threatening decisions…perhaps slowing them down long enough for some help/wisdom/clarity/whatever to seep in and save their lives.

So, if you are interested in this and agree, you can hit the link below and add your support:



Besides there’s many other, better ways to let your light shine than getting irradiated in a tanning both.

Soul Glo for instance…that stuff, besides being able to peel paint, remove unwanted hair follicles, and fuel your car, probably isn’t toxic or anything, right Eddie?